Wonder Woman – Who run the world?

Girls. That’s who.

Wonder (wʌndə)

Noun: a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful, remarkable, or unfamiliar.

Woman (wʊmən/)

Noun: An adult human female

Halloween has just come and gone, and I couldn’t help noticing, and rejoicing, at the number of little girls, who chose to dress up as Wonder Woman for their trick or treating outings. Which is great, because it gives me an excuse to talk about my love for the film all over again!




If you missed it, you missed out, as this action packed, 21st century take on the well known super hero lives up to its name…and some.

There are many things I adore about director Patty Jenkins portrayal of Wonder Woman, not just that a badass female warrior sets out to courageously save the world come what may, but also the underlying love story that causes her to come into her own strength and dun, dun, duhhh save the day.


From the get go it is very hard not to be lured in by oh-so-handsome Chris Pine who refers to himself as an ‘above average man’ to the gorgeous Gal Gadot during their first encounter. They make for a brilliant double act throughout the film, Wonder Woman with the strength of a God, Zeus to be exact, and Chris who has worldly logic, experience and resources.

She sets out with Pine, leaving her secluded Amazonian Island, which to date had been completely devoid of Men…let’s just take a moment to imagine how utterly peaceful it must have been, sigh…to defeat Aries and bring equilibrium and Peace back to the world. Her journey is packed with punches, thrilling fight sequences and genuine laughs. A welcome change to the familiar super hero flick model and, might I add, long overdue.

Here are some inspiring articles about how wonderful it is to have a kick-ass role model for girls:

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25 life-giving photos of little girls dressed as Wonder Woman (Stylist)

‘People really thought that only men loved action movies’ (The Guardian)


I’m ready. Bring it on.

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